Wondering If Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Will Work For Your Car? Read This

19 December 2022
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If your car sustains a dent, ding, or scratch after an accident or a crash in the parking lot, you can fix it in many ways. For instance, a paintless dent removal may do the trick. As the name implies, this technique entails restoring your vehicle's bodywork without using body fillers or repainting it. Instead, it involves massaging out the dent. Moreover, paintless dent removal comes with many benefits. For instance, it's convenient, fast, cheaper, and environmentally friendly. Read More 

Selling Junk Cars: Frequently Asked Questions

14 December 2022
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Whether you require a little bit of extra spending cash this holiday season, need to cover an unexpected bill, or are hoping to enjoy a much-needed vacation, selling your junk car can be a great way to help get the funds you require. If you have a junk car laying around that you wish to sell to a local scrapyard, you may find that you have a bunch of questions regarding what you can expect throughout this process. Read More